Mechatronic Products / RD96 | Full Automatic Liquid Chemical Automation System

The Fastest And Most Reliable DistributionFor Your Liquid Chemicals

Regardless of the size of your enterprise, the raw material you will process and the dyeing method you apply, the RD96 is suitable for every condition and every textile factory.

Distribution Of All Your Liquid ChemicalsAre Full Automatic

Considering the diversity and consumption amounts of liquid chemicals used in dyeing processes in textile enterprises, manual weighing and distribution processes are extremely difficult and risky. As a result of incorrect calculations, wrong chemical selection and under or over weighing, which are frequently encountered in manual processes, the quality and reproducibility of the final product will decrease, and your production costs will increase exponentially. To avoid all these problems, Eliar offers you the fastest and safest multi-line liquid chemical weighing and distribution system, RD96.

Precise Weighing & Fast Transfer

Powered by its highly precise gravimetric flowmeter and the special transfer pump with a capacity of 60 liters / minute, the RD96 manages 900 distributions per day without any delay and without any problem. RD96 makes simultaneous chemical transfer to two different dyeing machines with two seperate distributor units. Thanks to this feature, it eliminates the chemical waiting problem of your dyeing machines and shortens your processes.

Stock Control And High SecuritySilo Filling System

Eliar designed silo stock control and filling system is being used in RD96 provides perfect security with integrated electronic camlock system, barcode reader, chemical low and high level sensors and automatic filling pump. RD96 ensures that the correct chemical is loaded into the correct chemical silo, preventing errors that may arise from the operator or any external factor.

Robotic Chemical Selection AndDistribution Units

The RD96 is equipped with two separate robotic units. Upon the chemical call from the dyeing machine, the chemical selection robot moves and connects to the outlet of the requested chemical. Simultaneously, the machine selection robot also moves and is connected to the chemical transfer output of the subject dyeing machine.

Special Design ForYour Factory And Your Needs

The RD96 liquid chemical distribution system is specially designed for each dyehouse. In order to use the valuable space of your factory efficiently, chemical silos can be designed in different configurations, thus ensuring optimum use of the floor space. RD96 works according to the intensity of your workload and orders. The RD96 can work in full integration with all dyehouse management software in online mode, or it can also work in offline mode, where operators request chemicals with the help of a calling terminal, depending on the type of machine to be served and operating principle.


Your factory is safewith RD96!

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