ELIAR Elektronik San. A.Ş. has been founded in 1984 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Since its establishment, it has brought many devices, systems and software for sectors such as Textile Finishing, Glass, Insulation, Ceramics, and Chemistry to the country’s economy with its R&D studies and made significant contributions to the automation of industrial sectors. It continues its industrial automation activities, which started with producing automation systems for glass factories in 1984, with the Blend Preparation Systems developed, which for the glass, construction chemicals, insulation and ceramics sectors. At the end of the 80s, it started to serve the textile industry by producing fabric and yarn dyeing control devices. The advanced “Batch” control devices designed and produced by Eliar for the automation of textile dyeing machines have been used in Turkey and abroad since 1989.

Since 1996, studies on Mechatronics have also started. With the developed liquid/powder chemical measurement and distribution systems and the dyeing control devices integrated into these systems, it produced systems that provide full automatic control and recording of the entire dyeing process. Eliar produces integrated systems from the dyeing machine level to the management information level with its central monitoring, planning, and reporting software.

Today, devices and systems designed and projected by Eliar are used in the Far East, Europe, Central and South America, Asia, Middle East, and African countries as well as Turkey.

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We improve electronic, mechatronic, and software products thanks to Eliar R&D Center.

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