ELIAR’s R&D Investments are 6th in The Industry

We are excited to share that ELIAR has achieved the 6th rank in the Electrical-Electronics sector for R&D investment in 2022.

Our company name ELIAR comprises an abbreviation for Turkish words mean Electronic, Manufacturing, and Research. This reflects our commitment to research, projects, and technology development since our inception. As a consequence of it, ELIAR have taken its position on the list.

Turkishtime magazine has been researching R&D expenditures, projects, and personnel for the past decade and recently released its R&D250 list, which includes companies that spend the most on R&D. ELIAR was on the list again like last year. Our R&D center, ELIARGE, has been leading our research efforts, and in 2022, it invested 23,847.114 ₺ in 22 projects. So, we keep our place in the top 250 companies with the highest R&D investment.

We extend our congratulations to all of our colleagues at ELIAR and the ELIARGE team for their contributions to this achievement.