Full Automatic Printing PastePreparation System

Considering the variety and consumption amounts of thickeners and dyestuffs used in textile printing processes, manual weighing and preparation operations are extremely difficult and risky. As a result of miscalculation, wrong raw material selection and under or over weighing, which are frequently encountered in manual operations, your final product quality and repeatability will decrease, and your production costs will increase exponentially. In order to avoid all these problems, Eliar offers you PPD, the most precise and flexible full automatic printing paste preparation system.

Designed For Maximizing EfficiencyOf Your Processes

Produced with the engineering and assurance of Eliar, PPD has been developed for the full automatic execution of the printing paste preparation stages and is the most precise and flexible of the automation systems serving for this purpose. Eliar, which is among the world leaders with the products it produces for the textile industry, ensures that all printing processes are carried out with maximum efficiency with the PPD it has developed to the industry. With PPD, you can have a production line where you can easily control all your printing paste preparation processes in a fully automatic way, guarantee perfect precision in all your weighing and dissolving processes, and at the same time completely eliminate errors and all potential accidents.

Perfect Weighing Principle

PPD is equipped with two separate conveyor weighing scales for weighing thickeners and dyestuffs. From the conveyor feeding unit, the drum with the suitable capacity automatically transferred to the first weighing scale. On this scale, the weighing of the thickener is carried out at the first thickener dosing station, followed by the weighing of powder or liquid dyestuff. Then, the relevant drum is transferred to the other conveyor weighing scale and the final thickener dosing is performed on this scale. Thus, all weighing operations are carried out with the required precision and without any problems.

Powder Dyestuff Weighing Module

In PPD, the printing paste preparation process can be carried out with liquid dyestuffs as well as with powder dyestuffs without any problems. Thus, unlike conventional approaches, the inclusion of powder dyestuffs in fully automatic printing paste preparation processes provides enterprises with a high level of process flexibility experience and cost optimization. PPD has been designed with a modular dyestuff storage system that can be configured according to the needs of your factory, and thanks to this flexible structure, it can be configured with variable silo numbers from 8 to 64. Thanks to the stock silos used in PPD, each of which has a volume of 90 or 180 liters, suitable for powder dyestuff storage, designed using stainless and aluminum materials, trouble-free storage of dyestuffs is guaranteed.

Optimized Thickener Dosing System

PPD has a modular stocking structure designed according to the number of thickeners used in your factory. Dosing of thickeners, which are kept ready for continuous processing in stock tanks, is also carried out fully automatically and with high precision, according to the amounts in the relevant recipes. For a fully homogeneous mixing and effective printing paste preparation, the total thickener determined to be used in the relevant recipe is dosed from two separate dosing stations, and powder or liquid dyestuff weighing is also carried out between these two stages. In this way, it is guaranteed to obtain a completely homogeneous printing paste without any human touch.

Liquid Dyestuff Weighing Module

PPD has been designed with a modular liquid dyestuff storage system that can be configured according to the needs of your factory, and thanks to this flexible structure, it can store, circulate and weigh up to 36 liquid dyestuffs. The stock tanks, which are equipped with an automatic circulation system due to the property of the liquid dyestuffs, are connected to the ELIAR Full Automatic Liquid Dyestuff Weighing Robot equipped with separate dispensing valves for each dyestuff. The weighing of the liquid dyestuff in the recipe is also carried out with perfect safety and precision by automatically positioning the weighing robot to the relevant liquid dyestuff outlet and performing the weighing process.

A Perfect Printing Paste Preparation Experience

PPD has been designed to make all printing paste preparation processes to be carried out fully automatically. Liquid and powder contents are brought together in the fully automatic thickener preparation unit, dissolved with the relevant parameters, and made ready for use, then the thickeners are sent to the thickener stock tanks. All thickeners used in the facility are kept in stock tanks ready for continuous processing. In the printing paste preparation phase, the preparation drum that should be used according to the amounts in the relevant recipe is transferred from the conveyor drum feeding unit to the moving and elevator conveyor weighing scale and proceeds to the first thickener dosing station. After the first part of the total thickener to be dosed portioned in the recipe is transferred to the drum at this station, it is passed to the liquid dyestuff or powder dyestuff dosing stations, again according to the recipe. After weighing the liquid or powder dyestuff in the relevant recipe and transferring it to the drum, the drum is transferred to the second weighing scale and the unit moves the drum to the second thickener dosing station and transfers the last portion of the thickener in the relevant recipe to the drum. Then, the relevant drum is placed in the printing paste mixing station for mixing, labeling and preparation processes, and after the necessary operations are completed, the mixer unit cleans itself for the next process, while the ready printing paste is delivered to the relevant operator with the help of the delivery elevator.

Full Automatic Thickener Preparation System

PPD full automatic thickener preparation system is designed with a modular stock system that can be configured according to the number of liquid and powder thickener ingredients used in your factory. Powder thickener contents are transferred to the weighing unit equipped with sensitive loadcells and then to the dissolving station after the weighing process, by means of precision screw feeders customized for each powder thickener content. The transfer of liquid thickener contents to the weighing and dissolving tank is carried out with a customized pump and flowmeter structure for each liquid thickener content. Then, the thickeners prepared in the dissolving tank equipped with a scraper mixer and customized mixer structure are pumped into individual thickener tanks for each thickener. Thus, a precise and flawless thickener preparation process is guaranteed.

Precision Weighing Scale For Sample Liquid Dyestuff Weighing

PPD liquid dyestuff weighing module is equipped with a precision weighing scale to carry out sample liquid dyestuff weighing. In this way, the liquid dyestuff is weighed with a precision of milligrams, ensuring that your sample processes are perfectly prepared.

Precision Weighing Scoop
For Correction Recipes

PPD powder dyestuff weighing module is equipped with a precision weighing scoop to carry out the weighing of the powder dyestuffs in your correction recipes. The weighing process is carried out with customized and high-precision loadcells integrated into each scoop. In this way, powder dyestuff weighing is carried out with a precision of miligrams, ensuring that your correction recipes are prepared perfectly.


Your factory is safewith PPD!

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