Batch Plant Metering and Weighing Solutions and Automation Systems

We offer the most suitable solutions for your industry with our engineering disciplines and R & D experience. We offer latest solutions in the automation world and develop the right solution for your industry.

ELİAR manages the entire process from the beginning to the end of your project. We offer optimum solutions by undertaking consultancy, system design and project planning.

By offering you developing technologies, ELİAR ensures that your business stays up to date.


Flat Glass

Batch Plants, Cullet Return Systems, Mirror Production Chemical Preparation Systems

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Batch Plants, Cullet Return Systems


Batch Plants, Cullet Return Systems.


Batch Plants

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Construction chemicals

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Batch Plants


Reactor Automation Systems

Testing and Quality Control Systems

Tile Ceramic Frost Resistance Test System, Toilet Bowl Final Water Test System


The technologies we have developed and produced since 1984 create value for industries all over the world....

We manufacture Batch Plant Equipment and develop new technologies for Batch Plants. By considering the production capacity of your industry, your future capacity plans, raw material properties and logistics, we design the most suitable solution for you to minimize total cost of ownership, and design a reliable, easy to use, industry 4.0 integration ready automation systems; We provide detailed analysis and reports on production, consumption, quality, and energy consumption. Our Batch Plant Systems operate successfully in many countries from USA to India.

The Future is Here

ELİAR is an R&D and Engineering company. We develop technologies that shapes the future and offer them to our customers.

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In addition to engineering, design, and production works, ELİAR also provides you with project management services, ensuring that your project is completed on time and in full.


Batch Plant Systems

Systems that weigh powder raw materials such as sand, soda, dolomite, feldspar, limestone, etc. according to the recipe, fully automatically and precisely, mix them in a way to provide the desired homogeneity and transfer them to the furnace or packaging.

These systems perform the following operations:

Silo Filling: Transfer of powdered raw materials from wagons, trucks, pressurized trucks and bags to silos.
Weighing and Mixing: Discharging the raw materials from the silos to the scales, weighing them according to the recipe, mixing them in the mixer, adding water or steam according to the need for humidification or heating.
Transfer: Transfer of the mixed batch and cullet to the furnaces.

ELİAR manufactures Batch Plant Systems with capacities ranging from 10 tons/day to 2.000 tons/day.

Cullet Return Systems

Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Crushers, Vibrating Feeders to return waste glass from the end of production line to Cullet Silos.

Raw Material Storage and Transportation Systems

Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, or pneumatic conveying systems for filling raw materials into silos or transporting the mixed batch to furnaces.

Facility Modernization

By modernizing existing Batch Plant Systems, we replace obsolete parts, control dust emissions, redesign parts that prevent the process from working properly. We can also renew outdated automation systems and install more advanced automation systems.

Weighing and Dosing System

We design and produce reliable automation systems that will manage the entire Batch Plant System fully automatically, generate reports on performance and consumption, monitor the uptime of the equipment, warn when maintenance is due, report malfunctions, and ready for industry 4.0 integration.

Engineering: Consultancy, System/Equipment Design, Project Design, Project Management
Weighing/Dosing Equipment: Scales, Electromechanical / Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeders, Screw Feeders, Bin Activators
Transportation equipment: Belt Conveyors, Bucket Elevators , Pneumatic Transport Systems
Steel:Silos, Process Steel, Steel Structures
Dedusting Systems
Metal Detectors and Separators
Special Valves
Automation: : Electrical Projects, LCC and MCC Panels, Cable, SCADA, PLC, Software, Reporting, Integration, Industry 4.0

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