ELİAR Teleskop Garment
Laundry Management System

Teleskop Washing is the general name of Eliar garment laundry monitoring and control software. It consists entirely of modules designed to increase operational efficiency. It is Eliar software that serves the garment laundries with live monitoring of machines and garment washing/dyeing programs consisting of phases, detailed archive and reporting options, clientserver working logic and SQL-based open database structure.


Monitoring of all machines from a single center provides a real-time view of the operating status, providing uninterrupted traceability. Batch processes running are analyzed with detailed monitoring graphics. Detailed
process analysis is performed with graphic displays where all data read from the machines, such as tank temperatures, water levels, dosage charts, can be viewed selectively. Deviations in theoretical and actual program steps, operator interventions and alarms are displayed interactively on the timeline. With batch-based monitoring logic, both historical information and instant information are analyzed through the same application.


The conformity of the process steps, which are the backbone of textile finishing processes such as garment washing/dyeing, to technical requirements is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of an enterprise. The Program Editor enables programs to be easily managed within a single machine or between machines, in live communication with ELIAR control devices. It facilitates program management with features such as writing process steps in a visual user interface, display of
theoretical temperature-time curve, command-time bar graph, machine grouping, command grouping according to machinespecific project configurations.

Phase Parameter
If there are more than one command parameter in a phase that will cause a new phase to be written, the need to write a new phase is
avoided by using the Teleskop’s phase parameter feature.


Teleskop, is a batch type control and monitoring system that continuously communicates with machine control devices and records all process data. With the detailed recording and archiving system, all reports from the laundry
can be taken over the Teleskop. With the Reporting Tool, detailed reports such as Efficiency, Machine performance, Consumption (water, electricity, steam, etc.), chemical and dyestuff dispensings can be obtained; It is portable with export options such as Excel, PDF.


Machines have very different functions with features such as type, brand, model. ELIAR control devices can easily adapt to all discontinuous machines, regardless of brand and model, thanks to their 100% flexible structure. With the Project configuration software specially designed for the use of system integrators, technologists or technical service
team, all function behaviors can be managed, moved between machines and backed up.


Machine control is not the only requirement of a laundry. Management must have appropriate data tools in order to be able to look at the instant critical indicators of the business and to get status information in the fastest way. Dashboard offers fully configurable summary indicators accessible from your tablet or mobile phone. By designing selective screens such as Factory Efficiency, Stops and Causes, Consumption Costs, Production Charts, you are constantly monitoring your business regardless of location.


Planning board is the software module that enables planning of all machines from a single screen and monitoring the machine statuses live. You can plan your finalized production job orders to the target machine with drag-and-drop logic and monitor the theoretical end times.

    • You can follow dark and light color transitions.
    • You can track the entire order, not just in job order basis.
    • You can keep track of operator interventions.
    • You can instantly see the lost time between work orders along with the reasons.
    • You can instantly see the work orders that exceed the theoretical time.
    • You can see and easily change the plan parameters that make up the work order.
    • You can easily access the detailed work order recipe.
    • You can easily access the Theoretical Processes that make up the work order.


You can monitor the instant status of the machines live with any internet browser. Values such as batch status information, alarms, operator intervention, downtime and its reason, running program and step, time to batch end can be monitored over the internet or network with the Mobile Laundry Monitoring feature. With the browser-based architecture, platform-independent access is provided without the need to download a special application.


In order to use the chemical-dyestuff automation systems in the most efficient way, it ensures that the chemical-dyestuff requests coming from the garment washing/dyeing machines are made in the most appropriate time of the related machine addition tank.


Necessary controls are made during the integration phase to ensure that the materials to be sent to the related machine additional tank by the automation system and the water to be sent after them do not exceed the total capacity of the tank. Job orders that do not comply with the rule are blocked from running.


It provides detailed recipe viewing and the status of chemical-dyestuff requests came from garment washing/
dyeing machines. You can cancel the wrong requests or update the material quantities when necessary.


This service manages integration with ERP/Recipe software. It allows information such as material, job order to be recorded in the Eliar System. It also transfers detailed information about running processes to ERP software.


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