Powder DyestuffWeighing And Storage System

Giving the operators the task of weighing the dyestuff without any guidance system brings a lot of certain risks. Problems such as the wrong amount of weighing or even the wrong color selection can often be encountered, and therefore the weighed dyestuff can be wasted or even the batch can be processed incorrectly. Eliar TBT solves all these problems in the simplest and most economical way, thanks to the three-step guidance it provides for the operators.

Simple AndEconomic Solution

TBT can be used in all textile processes where powder dyestuffs are used. TBT is easily commissioned with its compact dyestuff shelf and box design. With TBT, your dyestuff kitchen will be in order even in one single day. TBT is equipped with two different scales used for different purposes: High precision weighings and high capacity weighings are provided with separate scales. The system guides the operator about which scale should be used and the interface of this scale is displayed on the screen during weighing.

Led Light Direction And BarcodeDefined Security System

In order to enable the operator to quickly select the dyestuffs in the recipe whose weighing has started, LED notification lights are placed in all dyestuff boxes. In this way, possible wrong choices are prevented. As a second safety measure in addition to the LED light guidance system, TBT has a software that allows the weighing of the dyestuff to be weighed only after barcode verification. Thus, the dyestuff selection is made in two steps with both LED light routing and barcode verification system.

Weighing Approval

TBT approves the dyestuff, which is started to be weighed, only after weighing the amount in the recipe. In recipes containing more than one dyestuff, each weighing can start only after the previous weighing is approved. In this way, it is guaranteed that the dyestuff weighing processes carried out under the guidance of TBT are carried out exactly in the quantities specified in the recipe. It also monitors the stock and lot information of the dyestuffs, and gives an automatic alarm when the amount of dyestuff decreases.

ELİAR CDDPowder Dyestuff Dissolving And Transfer System

TBT works in full harmony with Eliar CDD semi-automatic powder dyestuff dissolving and transfer system. After the dyestuffs are weighed according to the recipe with the help of TBT, they are transported to the CDD. CDD automatically adjusts the dissolving parameters according to the properties of the dyestuffs in the recipe and ensures that the recipe is dissolved in the most appropriate way and then transferred to the relevant dyeing machine.


Your factory is safewith TBT!

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