SLD Mineral
Full Automatic Powder MineralAutomation System

Considering the high consumption amounts of powder minerals used in fabric and yarn dyeing processes, the long time and intensive labor required for their preparation, fully automatic weighing, dissolving and transfer of these minerals are very critical. As a result of incorrect calculations and under or over weighing, which are frequently encountered in manual processes, your final product quality and repeatability will decrease, and your production costs will increase exponentially. In order to avoid all these problems, Eliar offers the fastest and most flexible powder mineral automation system, SLD Mineral, for seving fabric and yarn dyeing industry.

A Single System Meeting All The Powder MineralTransfer Requirements Of Your Dyehouse

The transfer rate is critical for salt, soda and sulphate, which are consumed in much higher amounts when compared to other chemicals used in dyeing processes. ELIAR SLD Mineral provides this required high transfer speed with its specially designed pumping technology and installation structure that can vary according to the operating configuration. In this way, SLD Mineral transfers the minerals in your recipes with the highest consumption values ​​to your dyeing machine with a transfer speed of 200 liters / minute.

Integrated Solution For Salt,Soda And Sulfate

With independent distribution lines and valves customized for each mineral solution, as well as independent transfer pumps and flowmeters, SLD Mineral can simultaneously transfer all mineral solutions to the same or different dyeing machines. Thanks to the individual distribution lines, mineral solutions are always kept within the distribution lines, thus eliminating the need for line cleaning after transfer and saving the time required for the movement of solutions from the stock/intermediate stock tank to the distribution valves. As a result, the minerals specified in the recipes are dispensed simultaneously, on time, and without any delay.

Automation Configuration Accordingto Your Mineral Supply Method

50 kg bags, 1.000 kg big bags or large-scale supply for refining: No matter how the salt, soda and sulphate you use in your factory are supplied, solution preparation, stocking and automatic processing thanks to ELIAR SLD Mineral’s flexible dissolving systems dispensing is ensured in all conditions. With the optional dissolving tanks that can be adapted to SLD Mineral, your dissolving processes for salt, soda ash and sulphate will also be done fully automatic. The dissolving process of powder minerals such as the amount of water and dissolving time can be specially programmed according to the subject powder minerals and their properties. At the end of the dissolving process, the chemicals are pumped into the storage tanks and finally the dissolving unit cleans itself and gets ready for the next dissolving operation.

Programmable Circulation

Dissolved soda ash solution can freeze in the distribution line and in the stock/intermediate stock tank, especially if it is inactive at low temperatures and this can cause irreversible problems. Due to this sensitive property of soda ash, ELIAR SLD Mineral circulates the soda solution in both the distribution line and the stock/intermediate stock tank, eliminating the possibility of freezing and providing a trouble-free dispensing, thanks to its specially designed valves, pipeline and programmable pump structure customized for circulation facility.


Your factory is safewith SLD Mineral!

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