ELİARSalt Refining Automation System

Salt, which is used in very high amounts in fabric and yarn dyeing processes and thus brings a serious cost burden, still maintains its importance in dyeing processes despite all these difficulties in its use. Considering factors such as high consumption quantities, high stock cost and large area to be reserved for stock, difficulties in balancing moisture content, and high cost of ready-made salt purchased in bags, refining the salt supplied in raw form in-house and making it ready for use is the optimum solution.

With the ELIAR Salt Refining Automation System, the process of refining the salt which is supplied to your factory in raw form, and is cheap compared to its alternatives but not suitable to be used in dyeing processes, is provided with a very high efficiency and your costs are perfectly optimized. ELIAR Salt Refining Automation System ensures that raw salt (raw – rock, etc.) is dissolved in water to the degree of saturation, and then it is purified from any hardness and turned into the high quality liquid salt which is suitable for dyeing processes.

Finally, the solution, whose neutralization process is completed, is pumped to the stock tanks and becomes ready for being used in textile processes. As a result, the salt solution which is purified from all its impurities, brought to the desired concentration and pH value and ready for use in the liquid salt stock tanks, is being dispensed to your dyeing machine side tanks by ELIAR SLD Mineral dispensing system full automatically, untouched and trouble-free.

ELIAR Salt Refining System
ELIAR Salt Refining System, which enables the dissolution of raw salt (raw – rock, etc.) in water to the degree of saturation and then removing any hardness and turning it into quality liquid salt for dyeing processes, is configured with its main elements which are dissolution pool, sedimentation tanks, neutralization tanks, circulation/transfer installations and pumps, refined liquid salt stock tanks and central control unit.

Salt Refining Dissolving Pool
The raw salt is first discharged from the truck into the dissolution pool. Water circulation is very important to dissolve the raw salt. The circulation unit continuously pumps and circulates the water condensed by the dissolution of the salt. The same water is circulated repeatedly to achieve the highest concentration and Baume, and fresh water also can be added from time to time within the target Baume limits to increase the dissolution rate. These circulation pumps are also used to transfer liquid salt to sedimentation tanks. After the circulation and dissolution processes are completed, the liquid salt is transferred to the sedimentation tanks to remove all impurities and hardness.

Sedimentation Process
The solution saturated with the circulation in the dissolution pool is pumped to the sedimentation tanks by means of the dissolution unit pumps in order to remove the impurities in it and to optimize its hardness. Here, circulation is carried out with the relevant chemical feeding. When the sedimentation is complete, the liquid salt is kept in the sedimentation tank for a while and the hardness is measured. After confirming the suitability of the required hardness levels, the liquid salt is transferred to the neutralization tanks in order to adjust the pH level.

Neutralization Process
After sedimentation, the pH of the brine solution is still high for using in dyeing processes. In order to bring the pH to the appropriate range, the neutralization process is carried out by feeding the relevant chemicals. After the neutralization process, the solution is ready to be pumped into stock tanks and used in textile processes.

SLD Mineral

The transfer of the salt solution, which is ready to use in the stock tanks, can be carried out full automatically with the SLD Mineral mineral dispensing system. The liquid salt solution, weighed with SLD Mineral and injected into the customized individual salt distribution line, is transferred to the addition tank of the relevant dyeing machine without any problems, thanks to the distribution valves specially designed for mineral distribution and full automatic valve control.


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