Powder Dyestuff
Weighing And Storage System

Paternoster not only assists operators for weighing the right amount of the right dyestuffs, but also helps them to neatly store the dyestuff boxes in a vertically designed structure. Thanks to the movable scale set on the conveyor rail, the operator’s need for movement has been reduced and the weighing process has been made much easier.

High Security, Zero Risk

In order to enable the operator to quickly select the dyestuffs in the recipe whose weighing has begun, LED notification lights are being placed in all dyestuff boxes. In this way, possible wrong choices are prevented. As a second safety measure in addition to the LED light guidance system, it has a customized software that allows the weighing of the dyestuff to be weighed only after barcode verification. Thus, the dyestuff selection is made in two steps with both LED light guidance and barcode verification system.


Paternoster provides storage and operator-directed weighing of 80 different dyestuffs in 8 shelves. Thanks to its vertical structure, it saves floor space and in this way, all your dye kitchen processes are carried out in a very small area.

The dyestuff recipe, weighed with high precision by PATERNOSTER,
is transferred to ELIAR CDD for dissolving and fully automatic transfer process.

The dyestuff recipe, weighed with high precision with PATERNOSTER, is dissolved with ELIAR CDD and transferred to the ELIAR multi-line robotic distribution system. Via this robot, the system is connected simultaneously to the single line going to the dyeing machine to which the recipe will be transferred, and thus dyestuff transfer is ensured without the risk of mixing or any contamination.

Independent Scales For
Large Aend Precise Weighings

The Paternoster is equipped with two different scales used for different purposes: High precision weighings and high capacity weighings are provided with separate scales. The system guides the operator about which scale should be used and the interface of this scale is displayed on the screen during weighing process. It also monitors the stock and lot information of the dyestuffs, and gives an automatic alarm when the amount of dyestuff decreases.

ELİAR CDD Powder Dyestuff
Dissolving and Transfer System

Paternoster works in full harmony with Eliar CDD semi-automatic powder dyestuff dissolving and transfer system. After the dyestuffs are weighed according to the recipe with the help of Paternoster, they are transported to the CDD. CDD automatically adjusts the dissolving parameters according to the properties of the dyestuffs in the recipe and ensures that the recipe is dissolved in the most appropriate way and then transferred to the relevant dyeing machine.


Your factory is safe

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