Powder DyestuffAutomation System

CDD ensures that dyestuff recipes are being automatically dissolved and transferred to dyeing machines just in time.

High Capacity & Reliable Process

Thanks to the information included in the batch number, CDD automatically adjusts the dissolving parameters (temperature, bath ratio, mixing time, etc.) depending on the dyestuff type and amount. With the ability of CDD multi-line dispensing system, the entire dyestuff preparation process (dissolving, mixing and transfer to the machines) is controlled from a single and central system. In this way, the differences that may occur between the parties are eliminated.

Modular Design

CDD has been designed and manufactured in a modular way to fully meet your needs in your dyehouse. CDD, which has a dissolving system in 3 different capacities, 200 liters, 350 liters and 500 liters, can be expanded in modules and can serve you for your increasing dyestuff dissolving and transfer needs in future.

Smart Dissolving Scenarios

CDD offers a unique solution for dyestuff dissolving processes with its smart learning technology. Different dissolving parameters are transferred to the system for each dyestuff type. Thanks to this feature, operators do not need to manually select the dissolving parameters and by this way all possible solving errors are eliminated.

Continuously Ready For Operation

When the recipe is weighed and the dyestuff is brought to CDD by the operator, thanks to the external water heating system, the water to be required for dissolving is always kept at the desired temperature. According to the dissolving parameter to be used in the relevant process, the temperature of the water to be taken into the dissolving tank is controlled by the internal temperature sensor, thus ensuring the optimum dissolving temperature.

Clean Dissolving Process,High-Quality Materials

After CDD has successfully dissolved and transferred each recipe, it automatically cleans itself and gets ready for the next recipe. Thanks to its smooth SS316L inner surface, surface tension is minimized and the dyestuff remaining in the dissolving system is easily cleaned with the special hot water spray/washing system. The loss of even individual dyestuff particles affects the final product color quality and reproducibility. As so, CDD also sends the cleaning water to the dyeing machine in order to ensure the complete transfer of the dyestuff that had been weighed and dissolved properly.

ELİAR Multi-LineRobotic Distribution Technology

CDD is integrated with its dedicated multi-line distributors. There are two distribution unit options with 15 and/or 22 outputs. With the option to use an additional distribution unit, CDD meets the dyestuff distribution needs of 44 dyeing machines. ELIAR, with its multi-line robotic dispensing technology and just-in-time dispensing discipline, guarantees to distribute the right dyestuff, to the right machine, at the right time without any risk of color mixing.


Your factory is safewith CDD!

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