We believe that ‘the future’ could be supplied byonly depending on sustainability principles.

You have our word to Sustain the Future.

We have a powerful passion to create and improve technologies and solutions future-oriented since our foundation. We believe that the future could be supplied by only depending on sustainability principles.

Our campaign, #SustaintheFuture, is a call to action for everyone to take responsibility for the future. This includes industries, corporations, individuals, and society as a whole.
The accepted definition of sustainable development is acting to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs(United Nations, Brundtland Report, 1987). So, our focus must be the future and work to create sustainability. In this way, many regulations, like UN Sustainable Development Goals, Green Deal etc., are standing at front of us and telling to take responsibility for this.

We are accepting our responsibility against the future and also accept to follow the sustainability principles, reducing carbon footprint and water waste, achieving zero-waste, and promoting renewable energy for a better future.
Our responsibility lies in three key areas: Eliar, individuals, and society.

#SustaintheFuture for Eliar

Serving to create efficient systems, Our products & services have been improved with sustainability in mind. Our automation solutions, sensors, control devices, and systems help to reduce waste and consumption generated during production, improve production quality, and promote repeatability.

#SustaintheFuture for People, Eliar Team

For sustainability, we are all aware of everyone can do something that is like recycling and saving. Eliar Team is representing the individuals so our team committed for the call #SustaintheFuture. To create awareness about sustainability, we are repeating our call with our team on each platforms and places.
A tip: Recycling 1 ton of waste paper prevents the cutting of 17 trees and 12400 m3 of greenhouse gases; when you do not throw away one piece of battery to the garbage bin, you save 800 thousand liters of water and 4 sqm of soil from damage.

#SustaintheFuture for Society

A part of society, we also aware our responsibility as Eliar. Our investments are focusing on these two keywords: future and sustainability. For instance, solar power is one of our investment area. On our HQ roof, there are solar panels since September 2022.
By using solar power instead of traditional forms of energy, we can significantly reduce the amount of carbon and other harmful pollutants released into the environment. This reduction translates to a cleaner atmosphere, water, and air.

#SustaintheFuture is our commitment to create a better future for all.