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We Rank 9th in Our Sector Among the 250 Companies with the Highest R&D Expenditures

We have great news for you! Turkishtime's "Turkey R&D Research", which was held for the eighth time this year, has been concluded. Within the scope of this study, which aims to determine the point Turkey has reached in its value-added journey, companies operating in all business lines are evaluated and a list of 250 companies with the highest R&D expenditures is published.

ELİAR TV | Mehmet TAYGUN Interview

Mehmet TAYGUN, one of the founders of ELİAR and the director of the R&D unit, was the first guest of ELİAR TV. Everyone can find something for themselves in the sincere conversation held at ELİAR's factory in Akçaburgaz, Istanbul.


We are an engineering company that conducts R&D.

We are developing projects, products, and technologies for the Textile and Glass sectors with our talented team members. You can also follow our R&D center and stay informed about our developments.

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The Benefits of Our Systems for Your Business

In the constantly evolving and changing world, production methods also need to develop and change. Automation is a structure that covers constantly evolving and changing systems in this sense. ELİAR technologies and products enable your business to keep up with today’s technologies and be prepared for future technologies. Let’s see together what kind of benefits ELİAR automation systems can provide to your business.


  • Preparing the Right Recipe and Program
  • Repeatability
  • Predicting and Preventing Human Errors


  • Control, Analysis and Comparison
  • Right First Time
  • Capacity Expansion Without the Requirement of Additional Production Machines


  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Less Waste
  • Efficient Use of Resources


  • Raw Material Savings
  • Energy and Water Savings
  • Repair Rate
  • Labor Cost Savings

Our technologies, products, and automation systems are present all around the world.


To enable your business to enter the world ofautomation and add value to it,