Fully AutomaticTextile Batch Controller

The T710 flexible software infrastructure developed by ELİAR is compatible with all discontinuous machines regardless of brand and model.Thanks to the Integrated Web Server, it provides ease of use and management for both the operator and technical maintenance team with features such as remote control, machine maintenance management, wireless monitoring.

We Take Care Of Full Automatic Control OfYour Dyeing Machines

• YOU Save Energy, Water, DyeStuff & Chemicals
• YOU Work full capacity with a non-breaking continuous process
• YOU are Safe with Dyeing At the First Time Control

T710 has been developed by ELİAR to assist you in controlling textile dyeing machines safely and economically.

Instant Data Monitoring, Multi-Language Support, Touch Screen

• Fully automated, reliable and economical dyeing of textiles
• Configurable to all kinds of dyeing machines and processes
• Easy adaptability
• State of the art Eliar software powered by the most robust operating system: LINUX
• Intel® AtomTM based processor
• Allows remote assistance and technical support over internet with the help of powerful network connectivity
• Fast and reliable data acquisition and control via ELIAR PLCs or ELIAR smart 1/0 devices

Dyeing Drying And Rinsing Process Functions

  • Fabric dyeing, drying, rinsing; package dyeing, drying, rinsing functions
  • More than 80 built-in process functions for textile
  • Easy adding of new functions based on machine and process properties

Teleskop Central Supervisory And Control Software

  • 100 Mbit Ethernet connection
  • Starting ready to run processes which are uploaded from Teleskop
  • Fully automatic handling online chemical and dyestuff requests to automatic dispensers

Improvement and Acceleration Features

  • Flexible and optimized programmes with formulabased target value calculations
  • Automatic calculation of command parameters with “Batch start parameters”
  • Ability to execute 15 parallel commands in one step
  • Ability to define machine and timer constants
  • Ability to work acoupled up to 6 machines
  • Automatic fabric speed calculation and tours control with tour time calculation
  • Starting pre-planned and ready-made processes loaded into the controller

User Management

  • Multi-user operation with authorization status
  • Multi-level password security

Storage, Backup and Maintenance

  • Archiving of last 3 months of alarms, temperature, level and cycle time values
  • Water consumption reports
  • Electric consumption reports (using EPAC)
  • Theoretical steam consumption
  • USB flash disk usage and backup feature of configuration and processes
  • Internet access and software version upgrade

Pc Software Utilities

  • Configuration Management Utility
  • Configuration Backup Utility
  • Excel Raporu
  • Machine diagram configuration software
  • Version upgrade tool

Your factory is safewith ELİAR!

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