SLD Hypo
Full Automatic Liquid ChemicalAutomation System

Produced with the engineering and assurance of Eliar, SLD Hypo is the first and unique bleaching agent dispensing system offered to the textile industry. Eliar, which is among the world leaders with the products it produces for the textile industry, ensures that the garment washing enterprises work with maximum efficiency with the SLD Hypo it has developed.

Perfect Control Of YourHypochloride Bleaching Processes

In case of incorrect application of the Sodium Hypochloride bleaching process, the uncontrolled decrease in the fabric strength of the product, the emergence of serious problems in color and the irreparable effects on the product surface are frequently encountered problems. However, despite all these risks, hypochloride bleaching is still an unalterable alternative in the garment washing industry. The main difficulty of this process is to send the Sodium Hypochloride used in the right amount and at the right time to the relevant machine. Manual method of Sodium Hypochloride weighing is very sensitive in terms of required weighing accuracy, transfer speed and work accidents that may occur during transportation. At this point, Eliar offers SLD Hypo to garment washing industry, which is the first full automatic hypochloride automation system developed in the industry and as the outcome of special studies of Eliar in its R&D center.

The Fastest & CompletelySafe Workflow

Regardless of the size of your enterprise, the raw material you will process and the type of machine you will use in the process, SLD Hypo is suitable for every garment washing enterprise. While SLD Hypo transfers your bleaching chemical to 15 different distribution points at a speed of 40 liters per minute, it carries out all your daily Sodium Hypochloride transfer processes without any risk of mixing with its special pump and flowmeter combination. Sodium Hypochloride, which is kept in stock tanks, is automatically weighed without touching and transferred to the machines related to the completely enclosed installation.

Perfect TransferWithout Any Human

Bleaching chemicals are frequently and partially used in small amounts, especially in denim washing processes. This means that bleaching chemicals can be transferred to machines in the conventional method, but only with intensive labor. During the weighing carried out by this method, it spreads to the enterprise in the form of fume and this situation also carries great risks in terms of human health. Thanks to SLD Hypo, all these problems are eliminated.

Dissolving Tank Option

With SLD Hypo, a dissolving tank option specially developed for enterprises working with powder bleaching chemicals is offered, and thus, powder bleaching chemicals such as calcium chloride can be integrated into the system. All parameters of the dissolving process (bleach amount, liquor, temperature, dissolution time, mixer speed) are automatically controlled, the liquid bleaching chemical solution obtained as a result of the dissolving process is automatically transferred to the stock tank through the filtering process, and finally, the dissolving unit is perfectly cleaned.

Customized Materials ForBleaching Chemical Automation

SLD Hypo is designed with extremely durable equipment against the corrosive effects of the related bleaching chemical. All components, pumps, flowmeters, valves and installations, in short the entire weighing and transfer system, which are in direct or indirect contact with bleaching chemicals, are equipped with customized equipment with high resistance to corrosive chemicals. In this way, it is guaranteed that SLD Hypo will serve your enterprises for many years without any problems.


Your factory is safewith SLD Hypo!

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