SLD Garment
Full Automatic
Liquid Chemical Automation System

Considering the diversity and consumption amounts of liquid chemicals used in garment washing and dyeing processes, manual weighing and distribution processes are extremely difficult and risky. As a result of incorrect calculations, wrong chemical selection and under or over weighing, which are frequently encountered in manual operations, your final product quality and repeatability will decrease, and your production costs will increase exponentially. In order to avoid all these problems, Eliar offers you the SLD Garment single-line liquid chemical transfer system, which is the fastest and most flexible single-line liquid chemical distribution system in order to maximize the production efficiency in your garment washing & dyeing factory.

Precise Weighing & Fast Transfer

SLD Garment transfers up to 48 liquid chemicals to 48 separate distribution points at a rate of 60 liters per minute. With its special pump and flowmeter combination, it performs 1,200 liquid chemical transfer processes daily without any risk of mixing. With smooth SS316L dispensing pipeline and specially designed actuator valves, the right chemical, the right machine, the right quantity and the right timing is guaranteed.

Chemical Selection
With Special Collector System

SLD Garment is equipped with a special chemical collector system that allows automatic transfer of up to 48 chemicals according to the needs of your processes. A single collector can serve 12 chemicals and 4 collectors are able to be connected to one SLD. Thanks to the unique working principle of SLD, line cleaning is performed simultaneously with the chemical transfer.

Two Processes At The
Same Time

ELIAR SLD Garment is equipped with two pumps and two flowmeters to double the liquid chemical transfer rate, and the transfer process is done via two different main distribution lines. Thanks to this unique distribution line structure, while the chemical is transferred from one of the two main distribution lines, another chemical is weighed simultaneously from the other line.

Stock Control And High Security
Silo Filling System

Eliar designed silo stock control and filling system used in ELIAR SLD Garment provides perfect security with its integrated electronic camlock system, barcode reader, chemical upper and lower level sensors and automatic filling pump. With the support it receives from all these safety measures, SLD Garment ensures that the right chemical is loaded into the right silo, preventing errors that may arise from the operator or any external factor.


Your factory is safe
with SLD Garment!

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