The Fastest Solution For AllPowder Minerals Used In Your Factory

Regardless of the size of your enterprise, the raw material you will process and the dyeing method you apply, RPD is the most suitable solution for any fabric and yarn dyeing factory.

Designed ForMaximum Efficiency

Considering the high consumption amounts of powder minerals used in fabric and yarn dyeing processes, the long time and intensive labor required for their preparation, fully automatic weighing, dissolving and transfer of these minerals are very critical. As a result of incorrect calculations and under or over weighing which are frequently encountered in manual operations, your final product quality and repeatability will decrease, and your production costs will increase exponentially. In order to prevent all these problems, Eliar offers the fastest and most reliable powder mineral automation system, RPD to your service.

Simultaneous Weighing,Dissolving And Distribution Principle

Regardless of the size of your enterprise, the raw material you will process and the dyeing method you apply, RPD is the most suitable solution for any fabric and yarn dyeing factory. With its customized stock silos and dissolving units, simultaneous weighing, dissolving and transfer capability, multi-line robotic dispensing principle, RPD simultaneously transfers salt, soda and sulphate to 44 different dyeing machines at a speed of 50 kg per minute, thus ensuring the accurate mineral to be sent to the right machine, in the right amount and with the right timing.

Fully AutomaticSilo Filling Technology

Powder mineral filling to RPD silos is provided by customized intermediate loading tanks and flexible screw feeders for each silo. Thanks to the 250 liters intermediate loading tanks, the same operator can fill the silo of 3 different powder minerals with minimum effort. Thanks to specially designed screw feeders with closed construction, silo filling is carried out in the fastest and most efficient way without the risk of any dusting and petrification.

Dissolving With Minimum Liquor Ratio

RPD eliminates the need for powder minerals to be completely dissolved prior to the transfer. Thanks to its special pump, it can transfer the powder minerals in partially dissolved form to the dyeing machines. The powder mineral transferred from the silo by the dosing unit is mixed with a predetermined water ratio in the dissolving unit and transferred to the dyeing machine addition tank simultaneously. In this way, the liquor ratio in the dyeing processes can be kept constant after the powder mineral transfer. Thanks to this advantage of RPD in liquor ratio, powder mineral transfer is carried out without any problem even for your smallest sample dyeing machines.

Continuous Dosing In One Time

With the power of its simultaneous weighing, dissolving and transfer technology, RPD completes the dosing process in one go, without portioning, regardless of the amount of powder mineral requested in your recipe. With RPD, 100 kg of powder mineral can be transferred to the dyeing machine within 2 minutes, and in direct proportion to this, 1,000 kg of powdered minerals are delivered to the dyeing machine in just 20 minutes. Without any limit, the entire silo capacity can be transferred at a constant speed of 50 kg/min with the same direct proportion.

Revolutionary Weighing Principle

Thanks to 4 sensitive load cells integrated with each silo and working in integration with the dosing units, RPD continuously measures the mineral weight of the entire silo and its content. As soon as the powder mineral weighing request comes according to the dyeing recipe, RPD records the entire silo weight and activates the dosing unit. While the powder mineral is transferred to the dissolving unit, the total weight of the silo decreases as much as the transferred amount.

Big Bag Loading Option

Depending on your preference, instead of the silo filling system with the flexible screw feeder, there is the option of the silo filling system with the big bag (excluding the crane equipment).

ELİAR Multi-LineDistribution Technology

RPD is integrated with custom designed multi-line robotic distributors. There are two distribution unit options with 15 and/or 22 outputs. With the option to use an additional distribution unit, RPD meets the powder mineral distribution needs of 44 dyeing machines. With its multi-line robotic dispensing technology and just-in-time dispensing discipline, Eliar guarantees to send the right mineral to the right machine, at the right time, without any risk of contamination.


Your factory is safewith RPD!

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