We develop products and solutions across a wide range of areas, from microprocessor-based smart sensors to turnkey plant designs.

ELİAR is a company that started with the mission of developing local technology in the field of industrial automation and has been constantly renewing its technology through R&D activities since its establishment in 1984. In addition to clarifying its position in the Turkish and export markets, it is also one of the global technology leaders in its field.

Our R&D Center was registered by the Ministry of Science and Technology in accordance with the law no. 5746 on the Support of Research and Development Activities on 24 July 2015.Our R&D center has become a superior center that provides high-quality engineering activities by training our team of more than 45 designers and technicians, with experts who have gained knowledge and experience both domestically and internationally. We produce solutions by taking our expertise in Basic Sciences, Electronics, Computer, Software, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Process Engineering, and Industrial Automation to the highest level with interdisciplinary collaboration. Our field experience in industrial applications and ethical engineering values bring our R&D activities to Analysis-Design-Implementation point in Cost/Performance/Applicability issues.

ELİAR has been conducting research and development activities for innovative solutions in the field of industrial automation since its establishment in 1984. Specifically, it focuses its efforts on the following sectors:

• Automation in Batch Production Facilities
• Automation for textile dyehoues
• Manufacturing Execution Systems(MES)
• Special R&D studies for the industry

In line with the Industry 4.0 vision required in these sectors

• Detection Technologies (Smart Sensors)
• Automation Systems for Machines and Transfer Systems
• Software
• Data Collection, Supervision-Monitoring, and Control Devices
• Field automation mechatronics
are the activities we execute.


  • Effective use of web and mobile HMI technologies in industrial automation.
  • Wireless communication infrastructure for Industrial Automation products.
  • Integration, Cloud Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions in Automation with Industrial IoT or Industry 4.0 infrastructure.
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for Process Optimization, adapted to Embedded Systems and Manufacturing Execution Software.
  • Development of “Smart Sensors” for Process Optimization (Bringing the laboratory to the field).
  • Effective use of IEC61131-3 Industrial Programming infrastructure (Object/Component-oriented programming).
  • Multi-axis, multi-functional flexible robot usage in Mechatronic Systems.